Your Mind is Your Guardian Angel.

Listen to it.

Your mind knows all.

It’s that still small voice in your head.

Because your mind is the link between you and your soul.

Your mind is your soul guiding you.

Not your physical brain.

Your mind.

It can’t be measured, weighed, seen, evaluated or removed.

It’s what leaves us at the time our physical body gives up the ghost and ceases to be a living creature.

It’s our mind that our body “gives up”.

It’s the secret of eternal life.

Of reincarnation.

Of eternal youth.

So listen to your mind.

Follow its guidance.

It’s your guardian.

Don’t believe me?

Start listening and testing its advice and you’ll become hooked.

You don’t need to change anything or do anything or spend anything.

Just be still and listen.

Love and peace.


Neil the Smith
My Author Page

PS. Over a thousand years ago, in medieval Britain, the Smiths were the craftsman, the metal smiths, the blacksmiths, who created the basis of society. Today I’m the creator Smith who, as a wordsmith, creates the society (again). With words, not the sword.


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