Your Mind Knows Who You Are

Have you ever asked your mind who you are?

Do you ever ask it for advice?

A winner of a creative business award was asked what was her secret of success.

“I just trust my beeps,” she said.

Trust her beeps.

Why don’t you try trusting your beeps.

They’re the code to get you out of a rut..

The vibes.

The intuition.

Your mind is energy.

You can tap into that energy, the waves, the vibrations, that you are searching for outside yourself,

Your mind has your interests at heart.

Maybe your mind holds the clues to your Destiny.

Ask it who you are.

With thought.

Because your mind, your Destiny, knows who you were meant to be.

You chose it.

Love and peace.


Neil the Smith
My Author Page

PS. Over a thousand years ago, in medieval Britain, the Smiths were the craftsman, the metal smiths, the blacksmiths, who created the basis of society. Today I’m the creator Smith who, as a wordsmith, creates the society (again). With words, not the sword (read my small book here)..


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