My Secret To Staying Young For Zero cost.

When I was 24 I started yoga.

This is not a post about yoga but it’s where I started to stay young.

Because they say we all start to grow old around 30.

There’s another fact we all need to know about staying young.

Most cells in our body, around 98%, are replaced every year.

Every year.

Which means we get a new body, almost, every year.

What if we could have a say in making the new cells better than the old cells.

That we could be sure we get a better body for the old one.

Every year.

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I believe the theory that our thoughts can influence the cells in our body.

And that with the nature of our thoughts we can have, in effect, new bodies for old.

Which may have been what I was thinking from the age of 24.

(At the time that was not my intention).

But hey, what if yoga and the natural scientific processes of growing older, have been working to help me stay young.

Except for the price of 10 yoga classes, I’ve simply been using the natural forces of nature.

Which cost me nothing.

I’ve used other strategies throughout my life.

I’ll tell you about them in future posts.

So here’s my biggest tip for this time.

Stop telling yourself you’re getting old.

Or looking old.

Or getting wrinkles.

Keep telling yourself, and thinking, I’m young.

Or I look good.

There’s an untapped power in thought.

And it costs nothing.

Love and Peace.

aussiescribe (Neil the Smith)

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What Does Your Soul Look Like?

“What is a soul,” enquired the little boy of his father (Cary Grant) in the 1958 movie ‘Houseboat’?

Your soul is like a vast ocean., he replied as they dangled their bare legs over the deck of their houseboat, gazing out across the water.

Created maybe aeons ago.

At first, let’s say, the water was crystal clear.



Then you had your first lifetime, maybe aeons ago.

You had a body, maybe not even physical, but a body of some kind.

And that first body needed life.

To stay with the same ocean metaphor, a life was drawn from that pure ocean like a bucket of water taken from it.

So that bucketful of water, your essence of your new life, was added to your physical body.

Your body, in whatever form, then had life.

At that point you became a living being.

Full of life.

Your soul is like the ocean and the water drawn from that ocean is the essence, a fragment, a reflection of the ocean.

It is a part of your soul but not you soul, if you know what I mean.

Same but different.

Connected but apart from the ‘mother soul’.

That’s how I remember the conversation.

Maybe I’ve editorialised just a little to fit my own thinking.

With each lifetime, let’s say, you had adventures and experiences.

And let’s say that every experience, every emotion, everything we learn is a colour and,, over time, each bucketful of water taken from the vast ocean becomes coloured.

Each bucketful of water is emptied into the vast ocean at the end of each lifetime.

Over the years that ocean is coloured with the waters of our lives.

Ending up today, let’s say, with soul ocean coloured by every lifetime we’ve ever had.

So with each bucketful taken from an ocean of coloured water we begin a new life coloured by our past.

A past we probably don’t remember.

And so we enter every new life with an essence of our many, many pasts.

Only to add more colours this time.

We are both our soul and an essence of soul.

This essence contains many clues to our present including our Destiny.

Is this your idea of soul?

Love and Peace.


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What’s The Secret To A Natural All Time High?

I know because I’ve found it.

Let me explain.

Okay, like James Bond, let’s take on the world, but in a slightly different way.

Positive thought + creativity.

That’s my own formula.

It works.

For 10 years I was working on my book ‘My Amazing Romantic Paranormal Regency Adventure’.

I was living in a treetop flat with a view to the ocean.

What more could I ask for a place to write my heart out.

A very creative life.

A very positive outlook.

Every day, once my mind was in gear and the words were starting to flow, I was on a high.

A natural, creative, positive high.

So every day for 10 years I lived the good life.

On an all time high.

Simply by being creative in a so positive and natural environment.

I know, not everyone can do that.

There were times I lived the exact opposite.

I grew up in poverty.

I’ve been bankrupt.

So I’ve known both extremes.

It’s enough that I found the positive, creative life living close to Nature.

And I used that to write.

The book is the evidence.

It’s there if you want to see for yourself the result of living an all time natural high.

If you want that kind of life now you can create it in your mind instead.

Don’t be afraid of GUIDED SELF HELP meditation.

Guided meditation to create your inner creative, positive, natural world.

Test it for yourself here (RIGHT HERE).

Love and Peace.


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