The Ghost Who Fooled Everyone.

She was Florence’s companion for five years. That is, until Florence started at school then she mysteriously disappeared.

Seems like, she was a ghost who had fooled everyone.

To Florence she was her granny.

She was her friend and companion for the first five years of her life.

I think Granny Fitz was her only friend for those formative years.

Then she just disappeared.

Had she died?

Florence had assumed so.

But no.

Recently Florence decided to look into the family history and research her family tree.

When she tried to find her favourite granny there were her official records.

No trouble.

So she went looking for her gravestone which was located at the Melbourne Cemetery.


But there was a problem.

It seems like Granny Fitz died seventeen years before she was alive and well as Florence’s childhood companion.

Was she a ghost then?

Together Florence and I went though every other granny in her family, every relative, every family name, nut no Granny Fitz.

Was it a false name?

Was it a friend?

Was she a nanny?

To Florence it was none of the above.

I looked her straight in the eye and asked, who was Granny Fitz?

And she replied, quite annoyed with me for even asking, Granny Fitz was my companion.

So who was she?

Was the answer in her name?

Did she have a secret?

Was this really a ghost with a secret?

I think so.

I’ve set out the whole case for an explosive answer to that question.

There was a mystery here.

And I’m on to it.

See for yourself in my autobiographical book ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

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It’s a book full of twists and turns.

And a real romantic historical mystery.


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A Ghost. A Ship. A Mystery. A True Story.

The ghost was a granny who was not what she seemed.

The ship was the ‘Lady Nelson’, one of the Tall Ships whose replica is currently sailing the Seven Seas.

The mystery fell into my lap when my life had crashed and burned and I set out to follow the clues left to me and solve the mystery.

But did I?

It’s a true story that throws light onto a possible legitimate son of King George IV some 200 years ago.

Was the Commander of the ‘Lady Nelson’ him?

That is the question I set out to discover.

Is it him?

If so, and if he was really the legitimate son of George IV, then was he destined for the throne of England instead of Queen Victoria had his identity been known?

The secret of granny’s ghost was a single but significant clue and it has been hidden for 100 years.

It was there for all to see, and to miss.

Only when 3 other clues came to light for the first time did this central clue make sense.

What’s more incredible is that these 3 clues were held by 3 different people who knew nothing of the other 2 clues.

Indeed they had no idea it was a clue to anything.

Then all was revealed when granny’s secret was discovered at her grave in a Melbourne cemetery.

She had died 17 years before she was very much alive being a granny.

Either you’re dead or alive, not both.

Not Granny Fitz.

She was both at the same time.

In saying that I’ve given you her significant big clue.

I reveal all in my book and invite you to share my adventure with me as the mystery unfolds as I chase the clues, and find more, across 5 countries.

New York.

Regency England.

New Zealand.

Northern Italy.

And of course, my home country, Australia.

Best wishes,


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Granny Was a Real Ghost

I’d called in to visit my mother on my way home from the city late one afternoon back in the days when I lived in Melbourne, was married and ran my own one-man business from home as a freelance copywriter.

She had been researching our Family Tree and I wanted to hear her latest discoveries. I was in for a surprise.

As Florence greeted me at the door, eyes watering and cheeks flushed, she looked like she’d just seen a ghost.

In fact, she had.

“You won’t believe what I’ve discovered,” she declared sheepishly.

“You won’t believe this Neil,” she repeated, taking great pleasure in drawing out the moment of her big disclosure.

“No. What?” I asked, expecting to hear nothing more startling than the latest family gossip.

“Well, Neil, you remember Granny Fitz who I’ve often spoken about. I thought had died when I was five years old. She would sit at the table with us when we were eating our evening meal and she would always be there when I was playing on my own at home. Even though I was very young I can remember Granny so well.”

But Florence was in for the shock of her life.

Turns out that her Granny Fitz had died 17 years before she was born.

In other words, she was a ghost.

“I always thought it strange that she never ate at the meal table,” she continued.

“That’s why. You see, she was dead!”

Florence was truly spooked.

And so was I.

What was Granny up to?

What was her secret?

And what was the big mystery she very cunningly wanted known?

How did her secret – and more – set me off on a world adventure which I’ve written about in my 244 page book.

It’s a page turner I promise.

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