How To Talk To Yourself & Make Money Stuff Happen.

Are you having trouble with money?.

The old ways are not working any more.

We need a new attitude toward money.

I’m convinced I’ve found it.

It’s an old idea for a new era of hard times.

It’s a contrarian approach.

A whole new way contrary to the past ways.

I’ve written a new contrarian small book about it here ‘Romancing Your Life. Changing The World’ (104 pages).

So I want to share this with you.

We need a whole new approach to money.

I’ve had money.

I’ve had good jobs.

I’ve bought and sold property.

I’ve lived in nice homes.

Then I went bankrupt.

I lost everything.

I see others my age well off.

They take cruises.

A friend goes on 5 cruises a year.

Others spend like there’s no money shortage.

Friends say, oh you can afford this, and you can afford that.

I can’t.

Costs are rising through the roof.

Food is short.

Petrol is crazy.

Are you with me?

I’ve decided to take desperate measures.

Will you come with me?

I’m out to attract money.

Will you do the same?

I’ll use a subliminal program to attract money.

Just with those thoughts I’ll play on my headphones.

I’ve chosen two.

‘Attract Money In Abundance’.

And ‘Win The Lottery’.

Already this week I’ve won a minor prize, twice, in Australian lotteries.

And I’ve just started. in one week

I’ve added the links so you can do the same.

Click or tap on the links.

For the cost of a couple of coffees each.

Are you having trouble with money?

Take a different approach to the others – a contrarian approach – and sit back and listen to the sounds of Nature while you’re listening to scripts on how to attract money in abundance and winning the lottery.

Or you can continue to survive in a world that is for the rich.

I wish you luck and prosperity.


Neil the Smith

PS. I recommend – ‘Romancing Your Life. Changing The World’ (104 pages)