How to Slow or Stop Ageing With This #1 Anti-Ageing Secret.

You may not have heard of “entropy”.

Most people probably haven’t.

Yet you should know and understand the effect of entropy on the ageing process.

More important.

You need to know how you can stop – or delay – the effect of entopy on your mind and body.

Ageing is too important not to understand this.

At any age.

What is entropy?

It’s Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics.

That everything rises and falls.

Into chaos.




Ashes to ashes.

The Roman Empire rose and fell.

Pop groups come and go.

Ghost towns once were thriving communities.

Abandoned, weeds grow and buildings fall apart.

Same with our physical bodies.

We need to take care of them so they don’t fall into entropy for as long as possible.

Don’t become like an abandoned building.

Same with our minds.

You need to keep your mind active for as long as possible.

That’s my number one secret of delaying your age.


One key is to feed your mind with positive creative thoughts.

Leading to positive creative activity.

Even after your body has given up.

Here’s a link to help you with your most creative, positive thoughts.

To stimulate ideas of your mind to keep entropy at bay.

Remember, entropy is your number one enemy of ageing.

At any age.

Don’t accept your true age as a number, a statistic of when you were born.

Your real age is the time you can keep entropy away.

Away from both your body and your mind.

I wish you a long and happy, long life.

Neil the Smith.

Your Mind Knows Who You Are

Have you ever asked your mind who you are?

Do you ever ask it for advice?

A winner of a creative business award was asked what was her secret of success.

“I just trust my beeps,” she said.

Trust her beeps.

Why don’t you try trusting your beeps.

They’re the code to get you out of a rut..

The vibes.

The intuition.

Your mind is energy.

You can tap into that energy, the waves, the vibrations, that you are searching for outside yourself,

Your mind has your interests at heart.

Maybe your mind holds the clues to your Destiny.

Ask it who you are.

With thought.

Because your mind, your Destiny, knows who you were meant to be.

You chose it.

Love and peace.


Neil the Smith
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PS. Over a thousand years ago, in medieval Britain, the Smiths were the craftsman, the metal smiths, the blacksmiths, who created the basis of society. Today I’m the creator Smith who, as a wordsmith, creates the society (again). With words, not the sword (read my small book here)..

How To Live An Extraordinary Life By Staying Home.

I was going nowhere.

I was flat broke.

I thought my life as I knew it was over.

I had the adventure anyhow.

You should do the same.

You don’t need to travel or go anywhere to have the adventure.

It’s waiting for you.

Just go with the flow and it will come to you.

As it did for me.

I’m a writer.

My first job was as an advertising copywriter with one of the most creative ad agencies in the world.

Yet I never left my home city – Melbourne.

I started my writing career with a blast.

Because I was in the right place at the right time.

By co-incidence?

Or serendipity?

I’ve written the book about it.

And three others.

About having adventures without looking for them.

The thing is, we’re all at just the right place at the right time.

It’s called serendipity.

Try it.

You can buy the full set of FOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL BOOKS now.

Read how I went through an 80 year old life always following what called me.

And, hey, I have survived.

I’ve lived a life full of ups and downs, twists and turns, successes and failures.

By going nowhere.

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I hope you enjoy the journey.

Love and Peace.


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What’s The Secret To A Natural All Time High?

I know because I’ve found it.

Let me explain.

Okay, like James Bond, let’s take on the world, but in a slightly different way.

Positive thought + creativity.

That’s my own formula.

It works.

For 10 years I was working on my book ‘My Amazing Romantic Paranormal Regency Adventure’.

I was living in a treetop flat with a view to the ocean.

What more could I ask for a place to write my heart out.

A very creative life.

A very positive outlook.

Every day, once my mind was in gear and the words were starting to flow, I was on a high.

A natural, creative, positive high.

So every day for 10 years I lived the good life.

On an all time high.

Simply by being creative in a so positive and natural environment.

I know, not everyone can do that.

There were times I lived the exact opposite.

I grew up in poverty.

I’ve been bankrupt.

So I’ve known both extremes.

It’s enough that I found the positive, creative life living close to Nature.

And I used that to write.

The book is the evidence.

It’s there if you want to see for yourself the result of living an all time natural high.

If you want that kind of life now you can create it in your mind instead.

Don’t be afraid of GUIDED SELF HELP meditation.

Guided meditation to create your inner creative, positive, natural world.

Test it for yourself here (RIGHT HERE).

Love and Peace.


PS. Order your copy of my soul book ‘A True Paranormal Mystery To Change The World’ HERE.

Are You Needing A Fresh Start?

A winner of an award for creative excellence gave as her secret of success: “I just trust my beeps.”

She trusted herself and won a top creative business award.

There’s a secret here.

Trust your beeps.

So what exactly does that mean?

How might we apply that pearl of wisdom to our own lives?

Just trust yourself.

Try listening to your beeps.

I did when I lost everything.

It can happen when you’re left with no choice.

Everything changed including my life.

Yet I had nothing.

My back was to the wall.

I lived on trust because I was out of options.

Then amazing things happened.

Let’s just call it serendipity.

If you read my book you can learn how I flourished living on trust alone.

Which is pretty remarkable in this world we live in today.

I’ve analysed my experience and identified 9 unique hints or clues for you to follow.

That is, living on trust alone.

Believing in yourself.

My clues are open enough to make them your own, whatever your circumstances.

You’ll find them at the end of the first 9 chapters.

So if ever you thought you could do magic, this is the way.

No-one needs to live a life of struggle.

My book is called ‘Man Steps Off Planet’.

You can read more and get your copy of my 244 page true story here.

It’s a tale of letting go and trusting.

It worked.

Could this be the ultimate fairy tale, the sea change you’ve only dreamt about.

Trust your beeps.

Good luck.

Neil Smith

Illustration: ‘The Beauty of Thoughts’ by ashnoalice at Deviantart.

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