Where Are Our Wise Elders?

The Wise Elders don’t seem to be popular today.

Except in fictional movies.

Our influencers all seem to be young people on social media.

Such a shame.

As George Bernard Shaw put it, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Trouble is, do we respect the older men and women?

Do we encourage wisdom rather than putting them out to pasture.

It’s called Retirement.

Why can’t we respect age?

Why don’t we encourage wisdom among our elders?

Because what we think and what we believe creates our reality.

It’s about the symbolism of ageing.

Instead of using symbols like ‘old’, ‘retirement’, ‘aged care’, we should be using words like ‘elder’ and wisdom’.

Because I’m one of them.

A friend here even calls me ‘Obi-wan‘.

Love her.

Love and peace

Neil the Smith
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Young Is The New Old.

Why Not.

What’s stopping us from staying young.

Even when we’re feeling a little bit old.

Is ‘old’ such a dirty word.

Because old can be the new young.


Your body will follow your mind.

How your mind works is the secret to how your body works.

Yes, your body can be the result of regular visits to the gym.

But doesn’t your mind tell you to go?

Your mind is really a control freak.

It’ll tell you if it thinks you need it.

And have you been told lately?

About anything.

About what your mind tells you that you need?

Even what your body tells you what you need.

You don’t always need to visit the gym

What do you need?




Walking the dog?

You’ll be told.

Are you listening?

As a winner of an award for excellence in business creativity said:

“I just trust my beeps.”

Start listening to your beeps and there’s a good chance you may be an award winner too.

Even for turning your age into an example of the New Young.

Read the book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ by Dr Deepak Chopra.

Everyone should read it.

I have no financial interest, I just believe in it’s message.

And its author.

It’s how we can stay younger healthier longer.

At least we should do something about keeping our minds and bodies going long after the ‘old’ word takes hold.

It’s certainly not in my vocabulary.

I wish you long life and a happy one.


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