What Happened in the Caravan?

The caravan was my home for five years.

Lots happened.

I became one of the spa resort community of Hepburn Springs.

A new me emerged.

Maybe that was the real me.

I think so.

I shook off the advertising world I’d left behind in a hurry.

I’d just been declared bankrupt.

It’s all there in my book.

I opened myself up to new people.

To interesting new people.

New experiences.

Maybe it’s what we should all do at some time.

Is this called ‘mid life crisis’?

Wrote articles for the local paper.

Researched the story of the Swiss and Italian miners who came to Australia in the Gold Rush days of the 1850s.

Then I wrote the article.

It’s an amazing true unknown story.

They started a new Italy in the Australian bush.

My article was published in three parts.

Today it’s Chapter 8, ‘Italy in the Aussie Bush’, of my book ‘The Great Regency Cover-Uphere.

The owner of the General Store picked it up and started the ‘Swiss-Italian Festa’.

Here’s their interesting website.

There was more. that happened in the caravan over those spectacular five years of rebirth for me.

Maybe a real mind/body/spirit rebirth.

I share everything with you.

Love and peace.

Neil the Smith

PS. Get your copy of my true life changing experiences starting in the caravan – here.


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