Where Are Our Wise Elders?

The Wise Elders don’t seem to be popular today.

Except in fictional movies.

Our influencers all seem to be young people on social media.

Such a shame.

As George Bernard Shaw put it, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Trouble is, do we respect the older men and women?

Do we encourage wisdom rather than putting them out to pasture.

It’s called Retirement.

Why can’t we respect age?

Why don’t we encourage wisdom among our elders?

Because what we think and what we believe creates our reality.

It’s about the symbolism of ageing.

Instead of using symbols like ‘old’, ‘retirement’, ‘aged care’, we should be using words like ‘elder’ and wisdom’.

Because I’m one of them.

A friend here even calls me ‘Obi-wan‘.

Love her.

Love and peace

Neil the Smith
My Author Page

PS. To understand my aged wisdom buy my autobiographical book ”The Great Regency Cover-Up’ here.


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